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Alexander Marian Zlamal


Alexander Marian Zlamal MUstr, FIBA, was born October 25, 1930 in Bratislava, Czechoslovakia and currently resides in the United States. He was educated in Europe where he studied piano, composition, conducting, and medicine. During his musical career, Zlamal performed as a concert pianist, recording artist, symphony & opera conductor, and television host.


Zlamal has written hundreds of arrangements in various musical genres, primarily for orchestras and vocal groups. His compositions include over 90 vocal pieces, over 100 small instrumental compositions, and over 60 works in the category of film and theatre music (won numerous awards in this category).

A few of the more widely known compositions are:

Alex M Zlamal contributes to several musical magazines and also works as a consultant and instructor for classical and jazz music.


A sampling of recordings either composed, arranged, or written by Alexander Zlamal.

Moods and Feelings

Writings & Drawings

Recent Compositions

  • Pastoral Sketches for Piano
  • Tristessa Moraviensis Suita Cantata (piano)
  • Tristessa Moraviensis Suita Cantata (choir)
  • Elegie Con Variazioni (per pianoforte)
  • Jen Svatky Vanocni (pisen pro smiseny sbor)
  • The Glory of Christmas (song for mixed choir)
  • Baletni Sen (mala fantasie pro piano)
  • Etuda Amarosa (per fortepiano)
  • Tradicne A Vazne (hudebni satira pro smiseny sbor)
  • Dvojcata (sonatina pro piano)
  • U Vody (mala suita pro piano)
  • Preludium A Nokturno (pro fletnu a piano)
  • Marche Triste (pour flute et piano)
  • Blues na tri (pro piano)
  • Touha (air pro hoboj a piano)
  • U Kolotoce (zanrovy obraz por piano)
  • Fragments (suite for guitar)
  • Katedrala (balada pro lesni roh a piano)
  • Hratky S Tritonem (harmonicka etuda pro piano)
  • Paleta (tri polky pro mlade pianisty)
  • Favola Dolorosa (una sonata per pianoforte)
  • Valse Gentile (una seranata per piano-forte)
  • Napev Napet (dvouhlase invence na pet osmin pro piano)
  • Zamysleni (balada pro piano)
  • Diskuse (Studie pro fletnu, klarinet, a piano)
  • Vratke Vzcahy (charakterova crta pro piano)
  • Toulavy Mesic (hudebni obraz pro piano)
  • Z Venkova (detska suita pro piano)
  • Vzpominky (romance pro piano)
  • Najady (zanrovy obraz pro piano)
  • Tri Dumky (elegicke crty pro piano)
  • Kyticka (idylicka suita pro piano)
  • Trpyt Na Vode (hudebni obraz pro piano)
  • Nostalgie (preludium a balada pro alt saxofon a piano)
  • Prvni Tanec (intermezzo pro piano)
  • Skromne Prani (nokturno por piano)
  • Pani Kluci (etuda pro piano na 4 ruce)
  • Dobrou Noc (tri ukolebavky pro piano)
  • Pisen Beze Slov (balada pro piano)
  • Predtucha (koncertni etuda pro dve fletny a piano)
  • Ctyrlistek (sonatina pro piano)
  • Barkarola (zanrovy obraz pro piano)
  • Arabeska (pro mlade pianisty)
  • Triptych (2017) (musical picture for piano)
  • Labute (2017) (balada pro zpev a kytaru)
  • Kolovrat (2017) (etuda pro piano)
  • Clouds (2017) (nocturno for piano)
  • Three Menuets (2018) (style suite for piano)
  • Amoroso (2018) (serenade for violoncello and piano)
  • Habanera (2018) (genre etude for piano)
  • Pygmalion & Galatea (2018) (lyrical fantasy for piano)
  • Partita Rustica (2018) (arie a variace pro piano)
  • Orfeus A Eurydika (2019) (balafda pro zpev a kytaru)
  • Cas Rozkvetu (2019) (romanticka etuda pro piano)
  • Nalady Roku (2019) (mala suita pro piano)
  • Serenada (2019) (pro house, cello a piano)
  • Selanka (2020) (idyllic sketch for piano)

Other Achievements


For verification and references about recent compositions and concert activities of A.M.Zlamal, contact the Institution of ZUS V. Kapralove, BRNO, Palackeho tr. 70, CZECH REPUBLIC, EUROPE.